‘BIBC NEWS’ – 2016 March

Internationals: Both the male and female Irish teams head off this month to Llanelli for the International series and Championships; our Club is well represented in these teams and we wish them well.

As well as them, we have been invited to send a junior team to Jersey in early April to help them celebrate their 25th anniversary. Our team will consist of Allana McKee, Reece Millar, Sam Vance, Dean Mills and Stephen Kirkwood. To help with expenses, the 5 of them are selling ballots for a new set of black Taylor bowls. This is the last ballot this season!!

Point of Law: well, etiquette really. A small number of members are still insisting on intruding into the neighbouring rinks after just delivering their bowl. This is annoying and rude behaviour and we really appeal to those who are guilty of this to desist.  Also – walk up the middle of your own rink at the close of an end.

Outdoor shoes: must NOT be worn on the greens. This rule does not just apply to casual visitors, but to all members, so please do not wear your bowling shoes straight from your car and onto the green. On a similar note, on wet days, please wipe your feet on entering the stadium.

Email Address: Once more, I would appeal to all members who have an e-mail address, and have not yet communicated this to the Office, to please do so.

Club Finals: 26TH, 27TH, 28TH February : A successful weekend. Congratulations to all the winners. Buy a ticket to the Club Dinner to receive your cup and money prize! See elsewhere on the noticeboards for all the winners.

Club Dinner: The Club Annual Dinner Prize giving will be on April 2nd. We have Black and Gold booked again (the band we had for the 50th). Numbers will be limited to about 100, so early purchase of tickets is recommended. Price £20. Info on the Menu for that night is available soon.

Some snippets heard recently in the club:

…..pull your trousers up!

…...pull your zip up!

…... would you not find it easier to use a spoon instead of a fork for your soup?

….. you’re as tight as a hen’s feather!

…. big ring to the outside!


Alex Marshall’s visit went well in February; his demos with the Aero bowls was interesting and very well attended (see pics below).




Ladies Quiz: The Quiz run by the ladies’ section was also well attended and very popular. This event has now become a fixture and we look forward to seeing it repeated next year even though the ladies will not have to travel far! Remember – in March 2017 we host the UK Championships and British Isles Internationals.

Honours Boards: A glance at the Club’s Honours Boards clearly shows that new boards are needed. All the present boards have been sponsored in the past, and I am now enquiring if there is anyone who would like to sponsor one of the new boards. Please let me know.

Easter Opening Hours: Friday 25th Closed, Saturday 26th Closed, Sunday 27th Closed, Monday 28th Closed. Tuesday 29th Open as usual for leagues.

Summer Leagues: We hope to run Pairs Leagues on Monday and Wednesday mornings (10am – 12pm) and Friday evenings (7.15 – 9.15pm).  Entry forms are now out, but places are limited!




Ken Armstrong